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Atkin Secure Cover Clip

A short overview about the Atkin Secure Cover Clip for the Kindle and the Kindle DX

By placing too much pressure on the spine hinge and the Kindle there is a chance of damaging it. Now here is where the Atkin Secure Cover Clip comes in handy: it protects your Kindle by firmly holding together your device with your Kindle cover. As the clip is coated with a special plastic, it will not scratch your Kindle - we made sure of that. Also, the clip is made out of a resilient steel core which maintains the clip's grip - so if the clip is too lose, you can simply adjust the tension on the clip to make sure that it stays put.

As you can see, the Atkin Secure Cover Clip is a simple and reliable solution to protect your device - just think of all the hassle you'd have to go through if your Kindle or your cover would be broken! That means that buying the Atkin Secure Cover Clip is a great investment! And if you are not happy with it, simple return it to Amazon and get a full refund - guaranteed.


  • Atkin Secure Cover Clip for the Kindle (front)


Product Details

  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm
  • Weigth: clip only 3g, with packaging 15g
  • Resilient steel core
  • Bonded with a non-marring thermoplastic polymer
  • Download installation manual (pdf)
  • Price: 4,99 EUR/4,90 GBP (incl. VAT)


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The product is really easy to install. Just clip it onto the Kindle and the Amazon Cover and make sure the clip is not too loose. If it is, simply adjust the gap between the fins by pressing them together - you will notice that the gap stays as you want it since the clip is made out of a resilient steel core.

For detailed installation instructions please take a look at the manual (pdf) which is of course also provided with the clip in the product packaging.

Recommended positions for clip installation
Please note that although the graphics above show three recommended positions for the clip, placing one clip on one of the positions recommended is sufficient.

What do our customers think?

This is one of those products that seem so obvious you can't believe you didn't think of it yourself. But at closer look, it's not so obvious after all: the design not only does what you want it to, it also does so minimally, with no chance of damaging what it protects. Ken -

 for the Kindle and the Kindle DX