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Who is Atkin?

A brief intro about the company

Atkin is a company which specializes in producing, marketing and selling small gadgets. Although we deliver only to EU countries, we are searching for and importing useful products for our customers worldwide.

Starting point 2010 was the Smak-Dab Cover Secure Clip for the Amazon Kindle 2/3/DX which is sold by Smak-Dab LLC very successfully on in the United States. Unfortunately, the product was not available for customers in Europe. That is why Atkin was founded in 2011 and an agreement between Atkin and Smak-Dab now secures Atkin the exclusive distribution rights for Smak-Dab's products within the European Union under the Atkin brand.

Hence the first product was the Atkin Secure Cover Clip:

Atkin Secure Cover Clip (front)

However, Atkin acts independently from Smak-Dab or any other companies so since autumn 2011 we are adding new handy product such as the Pen-Loop of Germany's Leuchtturm1917 or now, brand new: MOBiLE CLOTH Classic and MOBiLE CLOTH Nano by Hartigan Industries, Inc. - the best cleaning cloth for your smartphone or tablet. Atkin - as Preferred Distributor of MOBiLE CLOTH in the European Union - is proud to be the first company in Europe to offer this great cleaning cloth to customers in Europe.

MOBiLE CLOTH Classic and Nano

Why useful gadgets?

We think: tiny helpers are a good thing and fun!

In our experience, life sometimes can be made a little bit easier if the right gadget is handy. Who likes to damage his e-book reader unintentionally? And how many people carry around their notebooks day by day and still forget their pen? More importantly: aren't you also tired of the fingerprints on the display of your smarthphone or tablet all the time?

Here is where our products come in handy. The Atkin Secure Cover Clip, for example, is a small device which firmly holds together the Kindle and the Amazon cover. Or Leuchtturm1917's Pen-Loop adds a loop which can carry your pen to every notebook, calender or the like. And, the lastest addition in our product portfolio: MOBiLE CLOTH, which helps to clean the display of all touchscreen-devices with just one or two wipes.


Why buy from Atkin?

Basically, there are three reasons:
  1. Secure shopping: We sell via Amazon exclusively. That means that you can order and pay as you know it via Amazon - additionally, all your payment details stay with Amazon. That is as secure as it gets. However, although paying Amazon, not us directly, you of course will automatically receive a proper invoice.
  2. Fast and free shipping: Since we love Amazon, we let Amazon handle all of our logistics, which means that our product is on stock in an Amazon warehouse and is shipped to you directly via Amazon. For you that means fast, secure and reliable and possible free shipping. Also, all our products are Amazon Prime eligible.
  3. Customer satisfaction: Your satisfaction is important to us. If you are not satisfied with a product, simply return it to Amazon straight away and you will get a full refund - guaranteed.

Let's go shopping now!

Still have questions or would you like to recommend a new product? Please, browse the FAQ or simply let us know by dropping a short e-mail. We are very eager to get feedback from you!

What do our customer think about our products?

This is one of those products that seem so obvious you can't believe you didn't think of it yourself. But at closer look, it's not so obvious after all: the design not only does what you want it to, it also does so minimally, with no chance of damaging what it protects.  Ken -